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The 2011 B.A.S.S season has finally started this week with the BASS Southern Open on Lake Toho in Kissimmee, Florida. The Opens is a stepping stone where anglers try to qualify for the BASS Elite Series as well as try to qualify for the prestigious Bass Master Classic. This event saw 2 firsts for a couple of big name anglers’ in their careers.
First Roland Martin “The Great American Fisherman” returns to professional bass tournaments in 5 years. Roland did not disappoint with a first day weight of 18 lbs. good enough for 8th place. Rolans was catching his fish with Carolina rigs over deep water however; the larger bass were caught with lipless crankbaits along the edges of weedlines.
The 2nd first that happened in this event came from the winner of the event Gerald “G-Man” Swindle. G-man is the most successful angler to never have won an event. He finally got that monkey off his back with a wire to wire win. Winning with a 3 day weight totaling 80-13 lbs for his first ever BASS win. Like Martin, Swindle caught most of his bass on lipless crankbaits in deeper water. The win has qualified Swindle for the 2012 Classic as long as he fishes all 3 Southern Open events for his qualification to hold up.
Having fished with Swindle back in 2004 as a co angler on the Santee Cooper Reservoir on day 1 of the Citgo Bass Master Tour event I can attest to his professionalism and his ability to catch fish when the going is tough. His professionalism and kindness impressed me after day 2 of the event. He came to see me after the weigh in on day 2 to see how I had done. He was genuine and shook man hand to congratulate me for cashing a cheque on my first BASS event. 2004 G-Man won Angler of the Year and it was nice to see a nice guy win this title. Congrats G-Man and hopefully this is a sign of what 2011 will bring to you.


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