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Bass Opener Weekend

Although bass season is not open everywhere in Ontario yet, be patient, your turn will come. Where I am in Zone 18, bass season opens on June 19th. So as customary, I hit the water bright and early, it was a great sunny day out on the lake and the bass didn’t disappoint to say the least.

This time of year, the transition period where some bass may still be spawning while the majority are in the post-spawn phase. Searching and moving around takes up a lot of your time on the water until you can locate them. I saw some bass on beds and some just starting to spawn. The majority of the bass were in the post-spawn phase. Water temps on my lake were between 68 and 71 degrees. The bass were caught in various depths from a foot of water to a 12-foot range. Both species of small and largemouth bass were caught Using a combination of baits, from bladed baits, crankbaits, jigs and soft plastics to figure out what they wanted. Finally, the larger bass (mainly largemouth) were caught on 1/2 or flipping jigs and texas rigged craws on Quantum Fishing 7’6″ Heavy Smoke rod paired with Smoke reel lined with 50 lbs braid. Also used a 7′ Accurist medium heavy rod paired with Accurist S3 reel paired with 15 lbs flurocarbon for the texas rigged craws.

All in all it was a great day to be out jacking bass once again as our tournament season has finally started. So go out and grab your favourite tackle and go and land some bass. See you on the water.

Bass Opening Weekend 2021

Stay safe and God Bless!


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