Bass Angler

Summer of 2020 we are introducing the Peter Larmand Outdoors Fishing Camps. These camps will be geared to introducing everyone no matter what age group you are if you want to spend a couple of hours and learn the basics of fishing.

The basics include:

  1. Learning how to tie knots
  2. Different types of rods and reels
  3. Talk about the different types of baits
  4. Learning how to cast
  5. Proper fish handling practices
  6. But most importantly HAVE FUN!!!

Advanced Package:

  1. Learning different techniques
  2. Learn the latest tackle
  3. Learning how to read water charts
    1. Identify points, shoals,
    1. Understand contour lines
  4. Different fish catching strategies

We will provide all of the equipment you need. For adults (under the age of 65) we can assist you to get your 1-day fishing license if you needed. Participants will receive a gift pack upon leaving.

All tackle is provided for you to use during the camp.

$75/per hour per participant, group rates available

3 participant min.

Camp sessions can be custom designed to suit your requirements.

Can be held in other locations,

We practice and require all participants to follow COVID-19 safe policy protocols that we have in place.