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2 years ago I had the opportunity to meet the nice people of Deeper Sonar at ICAST 2016.  We did a couple of podcasts with them but this winter I was asked to do a video on the Deeper Pro +.  This is Deeper’s top of the line model and I was excited to try it and see what all of the excitement was about.    Just a little background on Deeper Sonar.  Deeper is a multi-award winning company from various shows in both North America and in Europe.  Deeper has won Best In Show at ICAST 2016 as well as CES in Las Vegas.  CES is the Consumer Electronic Show which brings the best of the world in electronics and technology.  Check out this quick video I did one day when I was out ice fishing and I used the Deeper Pro + wireless sonar.  Check it out here


Written by on March 12, 2018

Category: Video

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