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Fishing Guides: Making the Most Out of Your Time

Finding the biggest poker fishing events

Have you ever had that problem where you’re in foreign waters and you don’t know where the good fishing spots are? For situations like this, hiring a fishing guide is your best solution. There’s no shame in seeking help from a local, whether you’re a pro or a newbie who’s never held a fishing rod in his entire life. Ezine Articles wrote that a guide will know the best waters to fish – as well as shorten your learning curve – if you just have limited time in a certain place. Best of all, your guide is likely to know a lot of fishing events and competitions that you may want to enter or participate in.
Fishing fused with other kinds of sports is steadily becoming more popular. One sport in particular goes so well with fishing that more and more tournaments are spawning around the country: Poker. The card game has been a great way of promoting fishing. It has also been used to fund various charitable causes that both aide the sport and the community. If you’ve been to any of the annual Thunder Valley Outdoor Poker Challenge events, you will see a lot of fishing and poker aficionados who take both activities seriously. There is also another yearly competition called the Fish and Chips tournament where the contest is based on participants’ fishing prowess as well as their card-playing skills.
While your local fishing guide won’t be able to help you win poker games, he can certainly introduce you to pro fishing clubs around the area if you’re interested in joining. More importantly, your guide levels the playing field, much like the game of poker. He will take care of the logistics so you can concentrate on your game. A novice and a master will be judged by how he reacts to the cards given to him and not by how long he’s been playing the game. To quote Len Cacutt, writer of The Big-Game Fishing Handbook, “The joy of game fishing is that it can be blissfully indiscriminate. A complete novice could inadvertently find himself on the business end of the world’s most acrobatic and hardest-fighting fish – a sensation which is like a learner-driver suddenly finding himself behind the wheel of a racing Ferrari, with his foot pushed flat to the floor.”
Fishing is definitely a sport not foreign to poker professionals. One of the more notable players known to have an interest in the activity is Tyson Marks, who never misses a chance to brush up on his angling skills whenever he visits his Montana hometown.

And then there was the time when gaming site PartyPoker organized a fishing trip for the 2013 World Poker Tour Barcelona qualifiers.
Suffice it to say, the mental relaxation afforded by fishing is something that poker pros can really get into. Having the activity fused with their favorite card game just makes things all the sweeter.


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