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Spinnerbaits are probably one of the best baits to use to seek out those elusive bass. However, I believe that we don’t fish them enough. They come in different shapes, sizes and colour as well as being very versatile. I believe it’s because of this that we don’t fish them often enough.

You can fish a spinnerbait at any depth using various retrieval speeds. Fish them slow enough just to keep the blade(s) turning or you can fish them fast so that they run just below the surface. There is no right or wrong way to fish a spinnerbait. It just depends on the type of water that you are fishing in.

There are various blade combinations you can choose for your spinnerbaits. As a guideline, muddy or stained water call for Colorado or Indiana blades since they produce a lot of vibration. Clear water on the other hand is better suited for willowleaf blades. They produce more flash and a more realistic vibration. I use mostly tandem bladed spinnerbaits unless I am letting the bait fall around cover or if I want a smaller profile bait.

I normally use a 7’ foot Quantum PT med-heavy rod and a Quantum PT E600PT reel. The reason for the long rod is that in clear water I can make the longer cast as well as land the fish once I have it hooked. The reel is high speed reel so I can either fish it fast or slow. Depending on the depth I want to fish the bait I normally use 15 lbs Floroclear Fluorocarbon coated P-Line. If I’m fishing shallow water around trees, stumps or rock I will switch to a 20 or 25 lbs test line because of all the nicks and abrasions that the line/bait will come in contact with.

Not only is the bait versatile to fish with, it is also a simple bait to customize as well. The blades and skirts can be changed to match the type of baitfish that the bass may be feeding on. I always carry spare blades and skirts so that I can make the changes quickly and continue fishing. White and Chartreuse or a combination thereof, are your most common colours. However, adding in some black can make the spinnerbait that much more attractive to bass.

Spinnerbaits are probably the most versatile baits out there, and they are very easy to use. Whether you are fishing deep or shallow, you can catch bass on a spinnerbait. Just experiment with your retrieve and you will find what the fish want.

By Peter Larmand


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