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Over Cast Conditions

When most anglers think of a good day on the water they are thinking, beautiful sunny day and the fish biting like mad. Well, for me a good day on the water is when there are some overcast conditions with a little wind. You might think, overcast….wind…. what is he talking about??? Bass can become very predictable in overcast conditions and also become more aggressive. All perfect conditions to throw a spinner bait.

The spinner bait is probably my most favourite lure to throw and the conditions above mean that I would be fishing my strengths. Fishing your strengths is what you want to be able to do whenever possible. It’s when you fish with more confidence and that usually means catching more fish.

With the ripple in the water it limits light penetration so the bass will be out cruising looking for baitfish. This will allow me to fish horizontally and since there is very little light penetration I want to keep my bait higher up within the water column. Meaning I want my bait within the top 1 to 2 foot range.

Another thing that I want my spinner bait to do is create as much vibration as possible. I can do this by doing a couple of things. I can fish with a single Colorado blade as opposed to a Willow or Indiana blade. I can also change to a larger blade say a number 5 Colorado blade instead of a number 3. Another thing that I can do if I’m using a willow leaf blade is to spread apart the top arm of the spinner bait. This will also generate more vibration. However, you will get better vibration from a single Colorado blade.

Now you might be asking yourself, what colour of blade and skirt is best for these types of conditions? I like to use dark colours during these conditions. Blues, blacks have worked best for me. I would even change my blade to a painted blade. I specifically will use the Booyah Moon Talker spinner bait in a ¾ oz black and blue with a black painted single number 4 colorado blade. If I have to, I will change the blade as necessary.

Booyah Moon Talker

By putting some of the ideas mentioned in this article the next time that you are out fishing in these conditions, you will increase your chances of turning a miserable day to a good day on the water. See you on the water.

By Peter Larmand June 18, 2007


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